Premium Green

Premium Green™ - It is what we are all about - Top Quality and Planet friendly

At The Brand in a Box Company, we have a commitment to producing products that are environmentally responsible. We also understand the needs of our clients to project a quality image and promote sales, whilst using products that work practically and have less of an impact on the planet.

We constantly strive to find this balance by producing Premium Green products. An example of this is the stunning LunchRUSH range – all made using recycled materials but still looking super professional and of premium quality. They are also constructed to work practically, keeping products fresher for longer.

Our products are produced under high quality, reputable factory conditions that are

  • ISO9000 accredited
  • HACCP certified and
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium) approved.

REDUCE – we lower carbon footprint by creating lightweight products from traceable environmentally managed sources

RE-USE – we use recycled & recyclable materials

RECYCLE – LunchRUSH™ products are all recyclable