Premium Green

PremiumGreen® - products from plants

PremiumGreen® is fundamental to our company’s ethos. It shapes both the character and spirit of the company and drives our mission.

At The Brand in a Box Company, we have a commitment to producing products that are environmentally responsible. We also understand the needs of our clients to project a quality image and promote sales, whilst using products that work practically and have less of an impact on the planet. We constantly strive to provide this balance by producing PremiumGreen® products - Premium Quality AND Planet Friendly.

Our products are produced under high quality, reputable factory conditions that are

  • ISO9000 accredited
  • HACCP certified and
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium) approved.

REDUCE – we lower carbon footprint by creating lightweight products from traceable environmentally managed sources
RE-USE – we use recycled & recyclable materials
RECYCLE – we produce products that are recyclable and compostable