Unique packaging & labels to boost your grab & go sales

Whether you are a contract caterer, a baker, a coffee shop or any grab & go outlet, our quality packaging & labelling can help you stand out from the crowd. Being proudly independent we are flexible in how we work with our customers with unique products and refreshing customer service. The Brand in a Box ABC's are a simple guide to help get you started.

A product range

LunchRUSH Black

LunchRUSH Life

Choose from our off the shelf (but not standard or available anywhere else) designer packaging and labelling today and tomorrow your multi decks can have a complete instant makeover = increased sales and higher GP items boosted.

Your design labels for maximum impact

B product range

Simple branded labels & stickers

Combine our packaging with your own branded label, ticket & deli tape to enhance quality, and boost your sales. We will work with you to create your own labels & ticketing that work with the packaging to promote your quality and style = improved quality, increased brand awareness and sales

C product range

Choose your own shape style and logo

You can have your complete family of grab & go packaging to differentiate yourself from everybody else - From Sandwich packs to Salad boxes, Coffee Cups to Baguette tubes and many points in between = increased brand awareness and higher customer loyalty.

We will create something unique for you